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Cancer Care

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be life changing. The staff at the Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital is here to provide exceptional cancer care close to home using the latest radiation therapy technology. They are committed to assisting patients with every aspect of care throughout their treatment, whether it’s help with transportation, nutrition needs, emotional support and resources, educational programs, or financial assistance.

To learn more about the Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital, please call 815.364.8915.

What is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy involves the use of x-rays or energy particles to destroy cancer cells or damage their ability to reproduce. It is often recommended as part of an individual’s integrated cancer treatment or as the primary source of treatment.

At the Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital, radiation therapy is delivered using the TrueBeam linear accelerator from Varian Medical Systems. TrueBeam is advanced radiotherapy technology that integrates imaging and radiation delivery to treat cancer with speed and accuracy.

There are many different types of radiation therapy offered at the Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital. The type of therapy depends on the size and location of the tumor and may include:

  • 3-D Conformal Radiotherapy (3-D CRT)
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
  • Volumetric Modulated ARC Therapy (VMAT)

What types of cancer do you treat?

We treat many types of cancer at the Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital. To learn more, call us at 815-364-8915

Who will be involved in my care?

From treatment planning through the last day of treatment and beyond, patients at the Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital have an entire team of experts involved in their care. Dr. Suzan Cheng, M.D., the radiation oncologist, brings more than 30 years’ experience to the team. Her distinguished background includes having served as an associate staff member at the renowned Cleveland Clinic.

Along with the radiation oncologists, the team also includes medical physicists, dosimetrists, radiation therapists, oncology certified registered nurses, and support staff who work together to deliver a personalized treatment plan for every patient:

  • Board certified radiation oncologists – establish the patient’s treatment plan and oversee the healthcare management of each patient’s treatments.
  • Board certified medical physicists – oversee radiation protection and quality assurance.
  • Board certified medical dosimetrists – assist the radiation oncologist with the Eclipse treatment planning system by providing accurate calculations of radiation doses and establishes the optimal treatment plan for each specific patient.
  • Radiation therapists – work directly with patients to deliver daily radiation treatment as planned by the radiation oncologist and physics team.
  • Oncology certified registered nurses – work closely with patients and family members to discuss concerns about treatments and possible side effects.
  • Patient service representatives – greet patients and assist families with any resources that may be needed.
  • Oncology Data Specialists – serve as data information specialists in order to capture a complete history, diagnosis, treatment, and health status for every patient.

Why is location so important?

Radiation Therapy Center, cancer care

Most patients requiring radiation therapy need to undergo daily treatments over a period of weeks. That can make location an important consideration when choosing a radiation therapy center, especially considering that the actual treatment time only take a few minutes. The Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital is conveniently located 1 mile west of Morris Hospital at 1600 W U.S. Route 6, Morris and is easily accessible from Route 6, Route 47, or Interstate 80. To reach us by phone, please call 815.364.8915.

What support services are offered?

The staff at the Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital is committed to assisting patients with every aspect of care throughout their treatment. We offer a number of support services for patients who are undergoing cancer treatment, including:

  • Wig Boutique – Our free wig boutique is for anyone experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer treatment. Please arrange for a fitting at the front desk, or call 815.364.8915.
  • Transportation Services – Free transportation to and from treatments is available through Morris Hospital’s free patient transportation service.
  • Counseling – Social workers from Morris Hospital are available to assist patients and their families with emotional support and resources.
  • Nutritional Services – A dietitian is available to meet with patients during their treatment time to provide special diet information and dietary supplements if needed.
  • Financial Counselor – A financial counselor from Morris Hospital can help with questions regarding insurance coverage, financial assistance or other financial arrangements. To reach a financial counselor, call 815.705.7282.

Why should I choose the Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital?

If you receive a cancer diagnosis and radiation therapy is recommended as part of your treatment plan, there are a number of reasons to choose Morris Hospital. The highly experienced team of professionals at the Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital provide personalized, quality care using state-of-the-art technology close to home. We take tremendous pride in providing a warm, inviting environment that puts patients at ease from their very first visit. We truly want our patients and their families to feel supported at every step of their journey. Our personalized care assures that every patient feels heard and special.

We also understand that personal schedules can get hectic at times. We offer flexible treatment times to make it easier for our patients to participate in work, life events, and other appointments on their schedule. And for those who need rides to and from daily treatment, the Morris Hospital Patient Transportation Service is here to help.

What do patients say about Morris Hospital's Radiation Therapy Center?

We appreciate the feedback received through our patient surveys. The comments below are just a few examples that demonstrate how patients feel about the care received at the Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital:

“When my wife and I began this journey, we had no idea which direction it would take us. We learned of the need for external beam radiation as a part of my treatment. Thankfully through referrals from a friend, we found our outstanding treatment team at the Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hospital.”

“From the moment we walked through the doors, we knew we had the best possible team to join our fight. The attention to detail, kindness, and OUTSTANDING patient care made us feel like a family.”

“We will never forget our experience. You are all heroes who go through your day perhaps not knowing how much of an impact you make on one’s life. My health is in a better place because of every single one of you.”

“Dr. Cheng has demonstrated what a caring and compassionate doctor in her field should be! She has created an environment that makes you forget why you are there and concentrates on the total human, not just your cancer.

“The reception and nursing staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. They were able to answer questions, and if they were unsure, they found the answer.”

“I am going to miss Dr. Cheng and the staff. Morris Hospital is blessed to have their expertise.”

“Even though cancer is a terrible thing to go through, this staff is exemplary! I felt as important on the first day I walked in until my last day 21 treatments later! I am so glad I choose Morris Hospital Radiation Therapy to service my needs.”