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Patient Family Advisory Council

The Patient Family Advisory Council at Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers is dedicated to facilitating an open relationship between patients, family members, and the healthcare team in order to provide the highest standard of healthcare.

Patient and family advisors serve in a variety of health care settings sharing their personal stories to represent all patients and families in providing an educated perspective of care by bringing authenticity, empowerment, respect, and inspiration to the design and delivery of health care systems. Patient & Family Advisor roles include partner, educator, speaker, listener, advocate, collaborator and leader, ensuring the focus of health care is centered on the patient and the family.

The Advisory Council:

  • Promotes a collaborative relationship between patients, family, and healthcare team members
  • Provides information, needs, and concerns for patient and family centered care to team members
  • Recommends and helps to implement changes
  • Provides an opportunity for the healthcare team to hear the voice of our patients and community

If you have questions, please contact us via email at or call Angela Risley (815) 705-7568 or Brittany Duda (815) 705-1929.

What is family-centered care?

Family-centered care emphasizes the critical role patients’ families play in their care, both in and out of a hospital setting. Through this approach, families, doctors, nurses, administrators, and other key staff collaborate in an environment of trust and respect that supports the best possible outcomes for each patient.

We want patients and their families to be partners in their care by being involved in planning and decision making every step of their healthcare journey.

What qualifications are required?

The Patient Family Advisory Council is looking for people who are:

  • Committed, reliable, trustworthy and believe their investment of time can make a difference.
  • Willing to share their Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers experiences and stories.
  • Good listeners who respect other opinions and perspectives.
  • Keep information they hear as an advisor private and confidential

What is the time commitment?

The Morris Hospital Patient Family Advisory Council meets quarterly, with meeting times rotating between morning, afternoon and evening. The meetings last approximately one hour in length.

How do I become a member of the Patient Family Advisory Council?

There are two methods for those who are interested in becoming a member of the Patient Family Advisory Council:

  • Complete the referral form below and an application will be sent to you.
  • Email your interest to
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Referral Form

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