Rehabilitation Services

Individuals experiencing the physical effects of an injury or medical condition may benefit from physical, occupational and speech therapy services, or a combination of the three. We are here to help you return to maximum independence.

Physical Therapy can help reduce physical limitations caused by many medical problems. We can help improve mobility, strength and balance, ability to perform work activities, return to hobbies, and we can decrease associated pain and fall risks.

Occupational Therapy can help improve safety and independence in everyday living activities such as bathing, dressing, and toileting. We can improve daily living skills by teaching strategies and techniques or by recommending adaptive equipment. Our occupational therapists want to help you return to work, household and leisure activities. We can also provide exercise programs, pain management, splints, and positioning devices to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Speech Therapy provides evaluations and treatment of swallowing disorders and speech/language and voice problems resulting from strokes, head injuries, respiratory issues, and other medical complications.

Our Therapy Services can assist those struggling with:

  • Lymphedema
  • Pain
  • An orthopedic injury or surgery
  • Falls
  • Walking or moving around
  • Performing daily tasks such as getting dressed, cooking or bathing
  • Using hands when writing, keyboarding or opening jars
  • Dizziness or balance problems
  • Torticollis (shortening of neck muscles in infants)
  • A change in ability to tolerate activities previously enjoyed because of weakness or fatigue
  • Vocal loudness or sound quality
  • Speaking or understanding speech
  • Memory
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Difficulty or pain with chewing or swallowing
  • Coughing or choking when eating food or drinking liquids

To learn more about Morris Hospital’s outpatient rehabilitation services for referral assistance, or to schedule an appointment, call 815-364-8919, ext. 7828.

Why Choose Morris Hospital?

There are all kinds of reasons to choose outpatient rehabilitation services at Morris Hospital. All of our patients receive one-on-one therapy — never in a group setting — from highly qualified, licensed therapists. Our therapy team stays in touch with your physician to deliver focused, safe and effective care. Plus, therapy is provided in a safe environment with a provider available on the premises at all times. In addition, our therapists help guide patients through exercises that can be done independently as they continue their progress at home.

Meet our Therapists

Our team of licensed, experienced professionals provide patients with excellent rehabilitation care close to home. Physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists work together to help patients reach their goals. Our therapists will work with you to create a coordinated plan of care with a goal of achieving the best possible outcome. To meet our therapists, simply click on the button below.


Our highly qualified therapists have achieved a greater depth of knowledge and skills by achieving specialized certifications. We have therapists certified in:

Convenient Locations

Outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy are provided at the Diagnostic & Rehabilitative Center of Morris Hospital, 100 Gore Road, just north of Interstate 80 in Morris.

Outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy are provided at the Morris Hospital Ridge Road Campus27240 W. Saxony Drive, just north of Route 6 in Channahon

Outpatient physical therapy is provided at the Morris Hospital Yorkville Campus, 105 Saravanos Drive, just south of the intersection of Route 47 and Route 71 in Yorkville.

Convenient parking is available at all locations.

Free Transportation

Free transportation is available to and from therapy appointments through the Morris Hospital Patient Transportation Service. We ask that requests for transportation be made as far in advance as possible and no less than 72 hours ahead of your appointment.

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