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Volunteers Recognized for Dedicated Service

Volunteers Recognized for Dedicated Service
June 4, 2018 Janet Long

Volunteers Recognized for Dedicated Service

June 4, 2018, MORRIS, IL – There were multiple reasons for celebration at Morris Hospital’s annual volunteer appreciation luncheon held May 23 at the Morris Country Club. In addition to recognizing volunteer’s collective 44,000 hours of service over the past year and milestones in individual years of volunteer service, 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the Morris Hospital Patient Transportation Service.

“We have so much to celebrate,” Morris Hospital President & CEO Mark Steadham told the guests attending the luncheon. “Every year, I wonder how I am going to adequately express thanks and appreciation to our volunteers — a group that has donated 44,000 hours of their time over the past year.”

Steadham said the 44,000 volunteer hours represent so much more than an impressive number. Over the past year, Morris Hospital was able to provide 16,000 rides to community members who needed transportation to medical appointments because of volunteers. Volunteers give visitors entering the hospital through the main lobby a place to turn for information and directions. The Morris Hospital Auxiliary Gift Shop netted sales of $40,000 as a result of volunteer hours, and over 4,000 area high school students were screened for cardiac abnormalities through the Rhythm of Our Youth heart screening. The pet therapy program at Morris Hospital is possible because of volunteers, as well as the senior health insurance program which provides free medical insurance counseling. Steadham said these are just a few examples of the many ways volunteers contribute to Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers.

“Every single hour of those 44,000 volunteer hours is appreciated and makes a difference,” added Steadham.

Tina Carter, Manager of Patient Transportation and Lifeline Services at Morris Hospital, praised the volunteers for making the patient transportation service possible.

“Over the past two decades, the Morris Hospital Patient Transportation service has become an essential community resource, helping patients and families access health care in times of need,” said Carter. “We are so appreciative to our volunteers for positively impacting the lives of so many in our communities.”

Volunteers who reached milestones in their years of volunteer service were also honored at the luncheon, with Jeri Dolezal taking top honors with 50 years of service. Dolezal has been part of the Auxiliary Gift Shop since it started as a small gift cart. Through her volunteer leadership over the past 50 years, more than $500,000 has been donated back to Morris Hospital through gift shop sales.

“There are so many volunteers who stand out for unique reasons,” said Karen Nowosielski, Manager of Volunteer Services. “There’s the volunteer who says yes more often than not to cover an open shift, and the volunteer who digs in and gets dirty cleaning shelves, unpacking boxes of inventory, or working flower sales. We have volunteers who come to work in spite of bad weather because they don’t want to let our patients down, volunteers who want to give back to the community and make it a better place, and volunteers who, when thanked, say ‘I get more than I give.’

“Our volunteers make life brighter for families and patients by being kind, compassionate, warm and cheerful. They are the heart of Morris Hospital and the heart of our community,” added Nowosielski.

The following Morris Hospital volunteers were honored for achieving milestones in their service hours:
Thomas Meyer, 250 hours

Jean Naretto, 1,500 hours

Jacqueline Briones, 100 hours
Ashley Hoffman, 1,000 hours
Lori Youell, 250 hours
Raymond Youell, 250 hours

Coal City
James Arnold, 1,000 hours
Eugene Cassani, 2,500 hours
Sandi Christensen, 250 hours
Diane D’Arcy, 500 hours
Lorraine Pierard, 250 hours
Kathy Seitz, 100 hours
Helen Talty, 750 hours


Judith Leeder, 750 hours



Nancy Bjelland, 250 hours

John Galik, 500 hours



Donna Gabehart, 100 hours

Pat Lenzie, 2,000 hours

JoAnne McMillan, 250 hours

Sharon Pickles, 250 hours



Mike Ambrose, 2,000 hours

Lois Gray, 100 hours

Larry Mitchell, 10,000 hours

Dave Prater, 5,500 hours

Imogene Seaborn, 2,000 hours



Donna Binion, 2,000 hours

Ralph Binion Sr., 4,500 hours

Ruth Briscoe, 1,500 hours



Janet Orzech, 100 hours



Vivian Allen, 250 hours

John Almer, 1,500 hours

Linda Baldwin, 2,000 hours

Ralph Barajas, 2,500 hours

Nancy Bauer, 250 hours

James Beem, 100 hours

Laurie Biskie, 1,500 hours

Sandra Bolker, 100 hours

Betty Borger, 750 hours

Christina Breisch-Harty, 100 hours

Ann Burgess, 750 hours

Carol Button, 750 hours

Thelma Campbell, 750 hours

William Capper, 7,500 hours

Richard Chapell, 750 hours

Janis Christensen, 750 hours

Dorothy Claire, 500 hours

Beth Clampitt, 1,000 hours

Richard Dice, 750 hours

Jeri Dolezal, 36,000 hours

Donna Dyslin, 250 hours

Patricia Feeney, 750 hours

Dennis Fisher, 100 hours

Sandra Gantzert, 1,000 hours

Virginia Guertin, 250 hours

Herbert Hain, 6,000 hours

Joyce Hain, 3,500 hours

Christine Hankins, 100 hours

Ellen Hanouw, 500 hours

Carol Harris, 3,500 hours

Duane Harseim, 4,000 hours

Sherril Herrick, 1,000 hours

Debbie Janiszewski, 750 hours

Gretchen Johnson, 7,500 hours

Janet Johnson, 250 hours

Judy Johnson, 1,000 hours

Linda Jones, 1,000 hours

James Jongewaard, 2,000 hours

Luella Kellogg, 3,000 hours

Terry Klepp, 2,000 hours

Sherry Korthauer, 3,500 hours

Paul Kostal, 1,000 hours

Debbie Kosters, 250 hours

Judy Kramer, 4,000 hours

George Kresse, 8,000 hours

Gary Kuntz, 3,000 hours

Judith Kuntz, 5,000 hours

Linda Larsen, 250 hours

Mary Laursen, 750 hours

Pat Lawrence, 1,000 hours

Peggy Leach, 4,000 hours

Rich Leach, 100 hours

Robert Limbach, 3,000 hours

Regina Littral, 100 hours

Suzanne Lock, 250 hours

Lorraine Mickelson, 250 hours

Alan Miller, 750 hours

Nina Murphy, 250 hours

Penny Nelson, 250 hours

Judi Nickels, 750 hours

James O’Hara, 9,000 hours

Gary Orndorff, 7,000 hours

Patrick O’Sullivan, 14,000 hours

Paul Patterson, 100 hours

Lynn Paulson, 500 hours

Raymond Paulson, 8,000 hours

Carole Peterson, 500 hours

Trish Phillips, 250 hours

Barbara Pope, 500 hours

Barb Raab, 3,500 hours

Ronald Ragan, 8,500 hours

Gary Reid, 1,000 hours

Judy Rivera, 250 hours

Evelyn Roseland, 750 hours

Marlene Ryder, 2,500 hours

Donald Ryder, Jr., 3,000 hours

Michael Sanders, 3,000 hours

Charles Sargent, 1,500 hours

Vivi Sargent, 1,500 hours

James Schaub, 750 hours

Richard Sefton, 3,000 hours

Sara Seidler, 750 hours

Wayne Seilkopf, 500 hours

Mary Shoudis, 250 hours

Mary Skratulia, 250 hours

Bruce Smith, 750 hours

Gail Smith, 750 hours

Nilsa Sochan, 750 hours

Ann Stansberry, 250 hours

Sandra Strange, 750 hours

Barry Summers, 2,000 hours
Nancy Thorson, 100 hours

Beth Trotter, 750 hours

Georgette Walker, 250 hours

Marilyn Wilder, 500 hours

Mary Fran Wilkinson, 750 hours

Judith Winkel, 1,500 hours

Melissa Wright, 500 hours



Carla O’Brien, 250 hours



Dorothy Akre, 1,000 hours

Cathy Bergstrom, 500 hours

Dennis Bergstrom, 1,500 hours

Shelley Ehret, 100 hours

Thaddeus Grandys, 2,000 hours

Diana Green, 750 hours

LaRee Longtin, 250 hours

Patricia Stevens, 750 hours



Dennis Mahoney, 250 hours



Karen Libby, 100 hours



Ron Flynn, 1,500 hours



Bernie Shields, 10,000 hours



Patricia Engstrom, 1,500 hours

Margaret Light, 500 hours

Ardis Peterson, 750 hours