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June Fire Starter Demonstrates Pride and Teamwork

June Fire Starter Demonstrates Pride and Teamwork
August 5, 2022 Janet Long

June Fire Starter Demonstrates Pride and Teamwork


August 5, 2022, Morris, IL – While the Environmental Services department at Morris Hospital has a lot of ground to cover keeping all 28 of the organization’s facilities clean on a daily basis, one of their many responsibilities that the Environmental Services manager doesn’t worry about is linen. Except, that is, when Melissa Hackett is on vacation.

Hackett, of Morris, has devoted the past 17 assuring clean linens are on hand and supplied throughout Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers, an important function that helps keep patient care running smoothly.  Described as one of the most dedicated, hard-working employees around, Hackett was honored as Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers’ June Fire Starter of the Month.

“Melissa is a great asset to Morris Hospital,” a co-worker wrote in nominating Hackett as Fire Starter of the Month. “She is dedicated to her job and her department, loves this organization, and feels a sense of belonging here. She takes pride in what she does and is willing to learn all aspects of Environmental Services.”

While Hackett is always willing to help wherever she is needed, she is best known for assuring that clean linen is available for the hospital and clinics. This involves receiving the clean linen from an outside vendor, maintaining and stocking carts in the linen room, preparing linen supplies for delivery to off-site locations, and making sure ambulance linen packs are available every day. She takes pride in her responsibilities and keeps track of the linen that leaves the hospital and the linen that comes back, along with notifying her manager when more linen needs to be ordered.

“Melissa knows her linen, and she knows her clinics,” says Ana Mendrick, Manager of Environmental Services at Morris Hospital. “She is an excellent team member, always hard working and very reliable. I am very excited for her to receive this honor. For me, her dedication and hard work is gold.”

As much as Hackett is counted on to keep the linen room running smoothly, both Mendrick and Environment Services Supervisor Sue Raikes appreciate her genuine willingness to step away from the linen room and assist with cleaning office space and departments when needed.

“Over the last several years in particular, Melissa has stepped out of her regular duties when needed to help with coverage and staffing issues,” says Raikes. “She is always willing to help and will even volunteer to come in an extra day when she sees that we are short staffed. That way, she knows everything will be ready to go when she comes in on Monday. She does whatever it takes to get the job done. She has a huge heart and is truly a team player.”

Hackett says her favorite part of coming to work every day is simply doing her job. She also enjoys seeing her co-workers and helping others.

“It feels good helping people,” she says.

In early civilizations, fire starters were individuals who had the important job of keeping the flame alive. With over 1,400 employees, Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers is the largest employer in Grundy County.

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