Acts of Kindness

Extraordinary times bring out extraordinary people. As the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved, we have been in awe with the outpouring of acts of kindness to our hospital and employees. In recognition of the individuals and organizations who have honored us, we’ve found a way to at least chronicle and recognize their generosity:

  • An employee in our 2 South department took some household essentials to the 80 year-old mother of a fellow employee.
  • An employee in our Case Management department who picked up a list and hand-delivered a load of groceries for their department volunteer.
  • Two community members traveled a 60 mile radius to collect additional supplies for us, including masks and gowns.
  • We Care of Grundy County reached out and delivered additional face masks that they had on hand.
  • A local Girl Scout Troop, Jimmy Johns, Pizza Hut and an employee from Endoscopy were busy filling hearts (and stomachs) with food donations for our Security team, the ER department and our Ridge Road Campus.
  • An employee from Administration told us about a fellow employee who stepped up and helped her gather food and other necessities for her son who is deployed.
  • More community members, including First United Methodist Church of Morris, are making sure we continue to be prepared by donating more N95 masks.
  • Chief Tracey Steffes and the Morris Fire Department dropped off 16 cases of refreshments for our Emergency Department staff.
  • The Wilmington VFW dropped off food during two shifts at our Diamond/Coal City Campus.
  • One employee from Administration shared that a friend and colleague gave her household essentials when she was out and couldn’t find what she needed anywhere in the community.
  • We received a $1,000 donation from a Friend of the Hospital, to be used for any needed medical supplies.
  • Another employee shared that while waiting at a stop light, the person in the car next to her noticed her uniform and badge and gave her a thumbs up and smile in acknowledgement of the important work we do.
  • Patient Transportation, Wellness, and Volunteer Services staff helped We Care and Easter Seal’s Jump Start program deliver food and other household essentials to families who are home bound.
  • In an effort to help us grow our stock of personal protective equipment, employees with Joliet Junior College’s Health and Public Services Department gathered and then donated thousands of face masks and other supplies.
  • An EVS employee was greeted with a kind note and words of encouragement from two physicians, thanking her for all she is doing. The employee told us that the inspiration came at the perfect time; she was tired, took an extra shift, and needed the pick me up.
  • An employee shared that while on a grocery store run in her uniform and badge, a woman at the checkout handed her tulips and said “these are for you and they are paid for.”
  • A local family sent some homemade cards that said they can’t imagine what the world would be like without our Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers staff.

Please feel free to send “Acts of Kindness” you witness or participate in to Hannah Wehrle, Auxiliary & Foundation Officer at

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