Walk-In Care

COVID-19 RESPONSE: For all patients coming to our Convenient Care and Immediate Care facilities, we are taking a number of steps to keep you safe. Visitors are screened at the door for any symptoms of Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throat, Muscle Aches, Runny Nose. People with any symptoms are instructed to return to their car and call us for further instructions. All patients are welcome to wait in their car if a treatment room isn’t immediately available.  In addition, each staff member is screened every morning for fever and respiratory symptoms. We are sanitizing every touched surface diligently throughout the day. And, social distancing is practiced in the lobby. CLICK TO LEARN MORE 

When you’re sick or injured, different levels of care are available from Morris Hospital depending on the severity of your condition. Using the appropriate level of care whenever possible may save time and money. Our levels of walk-in care are as follows:

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