Wellness Wednesdays

Easy to understand results are available within one week!  To schedule an appointment for Wellness Wednesday screenings at Morris Hospital, call 815-416-6089.

In addition, these same screenings are offered every Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. at our Morris Hospital Yorkville Campus, 105 Saravanos Drive, Yorkville, 630-553-8200. Same day appointments may be available at the Yorkville Campus.

Choose from these health screenings:

$40 Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Screening  – Find out if you have blockages in your arm and leg arteries through a painless, noninvasive ultrasound test. The most common symptoms of PAD include cramping, pain or tiredness in the leg or hip muscles while walking or climbing stairs that usually subsides with rest.

$40 Carotid Artery Screening – Blockages or narrowing of the carotid arteries in your neck can mean in increased risk for stroke. This screening involves a painless, non-invasive ultrasound test.

$40 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening – Sometimes the abdominal aorta at the center of the chest and abdomen becomes enlarged and at risk of rupturing. This screening involves a painless, non-invasive ultrasound test. An 8-12 hour fast is recommended for the AAA screening.

$100 Artery Screening Bundle – Have all three artery screenings above (PAD, carotid, AAA) at a discounted price of $100. An 8-12 hour fast is recommended for the AAA screening.

$35 Heart Healthy Screening – We’ll check your total cholesterol, LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose for type 2 diabetes.  An 8-12 hour fast is recommended. The American Heart Association recommends a heart panel every five years beginning at age 20, and more frequently if you’re a man over age 45, a woman over age 50, or if you already know you have abnormal levels or other cardiovascular risk factors.

$50 Vitamin D Screening  – Not enough Vitamin D in your blood can lead to weak and soft bones, while too much Vitamin D can damage bones, soft tissue and kidneys.

$50 Testosterone Screening – As a man ages, the amount of testosterone in the body gradually declines. Check for testosterone deficiency through this simple blood test.

$75 Hepatitis C Screening – Hepatitis C is a viral infection that can silently harbor in the body for many years, causing liver damage. The Centers for Disease Control recommends a one-time screening for everyone born between 1945-1965, as well as those whose past or present activities include needle sharing or multiple sexual partners.

$125 General Health Screening – This simple blood test is often ordered by a physician as part of an annual physical and includes a Comprehensive Chemistry Panel (CMP), Complete Blood Count (CBC), Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), and Lipid Panel. The results provide information on the major organ systems like kidney, liver, pancreas, thyroid and circulatory. The blood counts give insight to anemia.

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