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Morris Hospital Foundation Offers Healthcare Scholarships

Morris Hospital Foundation Offers Healthcare Scholarships
March 4, 2024 Janet Long

Morris Hospital Foundation Offers Healthcare Scholarships

March 4, 2024, MORRIS, IL – The Morris Hospital Foundation is offering scholarships to students who are pursuing an education in healthcare. The scholarships are intended to encourage education in any health-related course of study while enhancing the availability of healthcare providers in the local community.

The $1,000 Carol Harrington Endowed Morris Hospital Foundation Scholarship and the $1,000 Relucio Family Healthcare Scholarship will each be awarded to a student who is pursuing an undergraduate education in a healthcare related field. Applicants must be accepted into, or currently enrolled in, a hospital-related health care curriculum at an accredited college, university or vocational/technical school and reside in one of the zip codes within Morris Hospital’s service area, which include: 60407, 60408, 60410, 60416, 60420, 60424, 60437, 60444, 60447, 60450, 60470, 60474, 60479, 60481, 60541, 61341, 61350, and 61360.

The Betty J. Sterritt Endowed Fund for Nursing Scholarship awards up to $4,000 over a two-year period to a student who currently resides in or is from Grundy County, is currently enrolled in coursework leading to a nursing degree, and intends to serve as a nurse at a healthcare facility in Grundy County after their education is completed.

Applications for the Carol Harrington, Relucio Family, and Betty J. Sterritt scholarships are available on the hospital website by going to Students may apply for as many scholarships as they would like by checking the appropriate boxes on the scholarship application.

The Morris Hospital Foundation also offers the Hugo Avalos Endowed Scholarship, which awards up to $5,000 to a student who has been accepted into or is currently enrolled in an accredited medical school, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant program. Applicants must be or have been a resident of Illinois. For a copy of the Hugo Avalos scholarship application, contact Hannah Wehrle, Auxiliary and Foundation Officer at Morris Hospital, at or 815-705-7021.

Completed applications for all scholarships must be postmarked by April 19, 2024. Scholarship winners will be announced in May.  For more information, contact the Morris Hospital Foundation at 815-705-7021.

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