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Morris Hospital Offers Lifeline for Peace of Mind

Morris Hospital Offers Lifeline for Peace of Mind
September 1, 2017 Morris Hospital

Morris Hospital Offers Lifeline for Peace of Mind

Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to contact help immediately if you fell or unexpectedly became ill?

The Lifeline Medical Alert Program, a service offered through Morris Hospital, allows seniors, the disabled, those with chronic conditions, and anyone who wants access to immediate help if needed, to have peace of mind that they can live safely and independently in their home.

Morris Hospital has offered the Lifeline service since 1985, with great success.

“Most of our patients’ number one fear is falling,” said Tina Carter, manager of the Lifeline Program at Morris Hospital. “Lifeline gives them reassurance that they can easily summon for help if they were to fall or become suddenly ill. For many of our subscribers, this is the key to being able to  remain active and live independently.”

The Lifeline Alert Program offers several options. The Personal Help Button can be worn as a pendant or on a wristband; both are completely waterproof, so they can be worn in the shower.

“We have a new option that is great for travelers or those who are away from home from time to time,” added Carter. “Our ‘Go Safe’ program is a mobile help button that can be used anywhere. It has a cellular component with a GPS locator, and switches to WiFi if it’s available.”

Subscribers get to choose their call list; they can have 911 be the first call made by Lifeline, or they can choose family members or neighbors.

“This service is wonderful,” said Carter.  “It’s very easy to use, and it relieves worrying for both subscribers and family members. You wouldn’t ride in a car without a seatbelt for protection; Lifeline Alert gives a similar peace of mind, and offers immediate medical assistance if needed.”

The Lifeline Alert Program makes a wonderful holiday gift for yourself or a loved one.

For more information, please visit, or contact:

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