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Morris Hospital CNA Takes Honors as Fire Starter of the Month

Morris Hospital CNA Takes Honors as Fire Starter of the Month
July 3, 2018 Janet Long

Morris Hospital CNA Takes Honors as Fire Starter of the Month

June 29, 2018 – There’s a common theme throughout the numerous Fire Starter nomination forms submitted at for Therese Claypool, a certified nursing assistant on Morris Hospital’s 2 South nursing unit. Claypool is clearly an extraordinarily hard worker, always going above and beyond for her patients and her co-workers while exhibiting compassion, kindness and gratitude. Those characteristics make Claypool, of Morris, a joy to work with every day and have earned her the honors of June Fire Starter of the Month at Morris Hospital.

“Therese is always on the go…always full of energy…never slowing down,” wrote co-worker Crystal Mrozek in nominating Claypool. “She’s a blur down the hall, always stocking the blanket warmer or turning a patient. She’s the first one in the room to answer a call light. She’s always willing to help others, even when she is busy herself.”

Cara Marco, Manager of 2 South and House Supervisors at Morris Hospital, echoes the staff’s sentiments about Claypool’s work ethic and caring heart.

“Therese always puts our patients and team first,” says Marco. “She is often recognized by name from patients and family members for the outstanding care she provides.  She is an extremely hard worker and jumps right in to help others throughout the shift, even without being asked.”

While it would seem that Claypool has been working in patient care her entire career, she has only been a CNA for 10 years, the past eight at Morris Hospital. Prior to going to Joliet Junior College to get her CNA certification, she worked in a factory for 28 years where she was always “taking care of people.”

“I would organize benefits for co-workers who needed financial help and started a collection at Christmas time for employees who were off work,” recalls Claypool. “So when the factory closed, I thought becoming a CNA would be a good way to keep taking care of people. It seemed right.”

Claypool’s co-workers say she always has a smile for patients and makes them feel comfortable and cared for through her compassion. They say she makes sure her patients receive excellent care and is well recognized by patients.

“I love it here,” says Claypool. “I like meeting different people, and I like getting to know the patients. Sometimes if it’s not too busy, I’ll sit and talk to them, and that’s nice. I think they like it, too.”

Considering how focused she is on helping others, it’s no surprise that Claypool volunteers her time at many of the hospital’s community outreach activities. In addition to the hallways of 2 South, Claypool can be found representing Morris Hospital in a community parade, ringing the Salvation Army bell on a cold December day, unloading the food truck at a mobile food pantry, or screening high school students for heart abnormalities at Morris Hospital’s Rhythm of Our Youth screenings.

“Morris Hospital does a lot of great things for the community too,” Claypool says. “It makes you feel good that you were there to help.”

In early civilizations, fire starters were the individuals who had the important job of keeping the flame alive. With over 1,300 employees, Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers is the largest employer in Grundy County and winner of the Advisory Board Company’s 2017 Workplace of the Year award.

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