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Morris Hospital Fire Starter Makes a Difference for Area Employers

Morris Hospital Fire Starter Makes a Difference for Area Employers
October 24, 2022 Janet Long

Morris Hospital Fire Starter Makes a Difference for Area Employers


October 24, 2022, Morris, IL –  In her four short years with Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers, Amy Krause, of rural Marseilles, has become the “backbone” of the Occupational Medicine department. In appreciation of her vast contributions, strong work ethic, positive and upbeat attitude, and perfect role model behavior, Krause was selected as Morris Hospital’s Fire Starter of the Month for September.

“Fire Starter is such a deserving award for Amy,” said Kim Smith, Director of Immediate Care and Occupational Medicine at Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers, a service that provides pre-employment testing, regulatory examinations, and work-related injury treatment for hundreds of area employers. “She has a challenging role that has her integrating with many other departments of the hospital, employers, and patients. Somehow she makes this look easy. Amy doesn’t just come to work and do her job, she raises the bar for what the job is.”

Smith went on to say: “Amy is role model by how she approaches her daily work; it’s never just a task but always an opportunity to problem solve, improve a process, or make a difference. She believes in our Occupational Medicine program and all that it stands for, showing 100% commitment every day. We can count on her to share her knowledge and passion with others so they can care as much about the program as she does.”

Smith’s description was resounded by members of the Occupational Medicine team at Morris Hospital who say that Krause is the “go to person” when they have questions. They appreciate her critical thinking skills and willingness to do “whatever she needs to do to get the job done.” They say her “positive and upbeat attitude keeps her co-workers in the same state of mind” and that she is “constantly assessing the needs of clients to ensure excellent care.” They also say she brings solutions to problems and that she is not afraid to speak up when something is not right.

Excellence comes easily to Krause, who understands the important role the Occupational Medicine department serves for area employers.

“We provide a service that’s providing a livelihood for the people in our community,” said Krause. “It’s very gratifying being able to help someone through the pre-employment process. When they pass their pre-employment physical with flying colors, they get the job. Through annual DOT testing, we get to help make sure our fire fighters and truck drivers are safe people in those positions. Our firefighters and EMS providers need to be able to save people in our community, and we make sure they are fit for the job.”

In early civilizations, fire starters were individuals who had the important job of keeping the flame alive. With over 1,400 employees, Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers is the largest employer in Grundy County.

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