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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Application Process

1. Where can I browse job opportunities and apply?
  •  Morris Hospital is always looking for talented individuals to join our team! To browse current openings, simply click on the button below:
2. How do I apply?
  •  To complete an application, you will need to register and create an account with an email address. If you do not have an email address, there are many free email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. that you can sign up for. Please complete the online application completely, making sure to enter all the required information, including a detailed job history.


3. Is there anything that I should be aware of before I start my application?
  •  The application form opens in a separate window. Please be sure that you do not have pop-up blocker software turned on. If your pop-up blocker is on, please set it to “allow pop-ups” from our website.


4. How will I know that my application is completed?
  •  When you have reached the Read and Sign section of the application, carefully read the agreement and electronically sign the application in the indicated area. You will receive a confirmation email after you complete the application to let you know that we received your application. There is no need to reply to this email as it is automatically generated from our applicant tracking system.


5. Can I attach my resume to my application online?
  • You will have the opportunity to attach your resume at the beginning of the process. Our application software will not only attach your resume to the application, but it will also extract certain information from your resume and automatically enter it into the application. Please be sure to read over the application for accuracy if you choose this option.


6. Can I apply to more than one position with the same application?
  •  Yes, you can apply to more than one department with the same application.  No new application is needed. However, you may only submit one application per position.


7. How long will it take after I submit my application to hear back about a possible interview?
  • You will only be contacted by a member of our staff if we need to verify your information or schedule an interview. Due to the large volume of applications we receive, the review and recruitment process may take several weeks. Your patience and consideration is greatly appreciated. Again, you may follow the status of your application anytime through your online account.


8. Can I update my profile after I have made it?


9. How do I find a job description on the website?
  •  When you are applying for a job on-line, after you click on the specific job that you want to apply for, you will see a table that lists all of the job specifications for you, including a job description.


10. How can I reset my password if I forget or lose it during the job opportunities online application?
  • You can call Healthcare Source at (800) 869-5200 for assistance with your online account and password


11. If I want to volunteer, do I have to submit an application?