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Morris Hospital Fire Starter Thrives on Helping Others

Morris Hospital Fire Starter Thrives on Helping Others
December 1, 2023 Janet Long

Morris Hospital Fire Starter Thrives on Helping Others

December 1, 2023, MORRIS, IL – Kelley Smith, of Minooka, has made a big impact since joining Morris Hospital in March 2019.

As the hospital’s first senior financial analyst, she has used her love for numbers to help strengthen the hospital’s financial stability. As a dedicated, professional, supportive team member, she makes a difference time and time within her department and throughout the organization using her natural inclination for helping others. In appreciation of her vast contributions, Smith was recognized as Morris Hospital’s November Fire Starter of the Month.

“Kelley is always willing to help wherever needed, even if it requires long hours and challenging, sometimes tedious work,” said Renee Prew, Director of Finance at Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers. “When others would run away from a project due to the complexity or extra workload, Kelley runs toward it. She is persistent, determined, and a very hard worker. She thinks outside of the box and comes up with creative solutions.”

A lifelong resident of the Channahon/Minooka area, Smith worked as an auditor in public accounting and as a financial analyst for a warehousing company before coming to Morris Hospital. Knowing that she had the base strengths needed for the position, she jumped at the opportunity when she learned Morris Hospital was adding its first financial analyst.

“It sounded like an exciting opportunity to help build a job that I wanted and that the hospital needed,” says Smith. “I also wanted to stay close to home. Our hospital has such a big impact on the community, and even though I don’t see patients, being part of Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers gives me a great feeling of pride. Everybody loves that we are an independent community hospital, and as part of the Finance team, I get to contribute to that.”

In addition to being part of a growing Finance team that is continually progressing, Smith says the most rewarding part of her role is interacting with leaders throughout the organization and being their go-to.

“Most of them know that they can come to me if they have questions related to something financial and that I’m going to look into it and get the best answer I can. I get to help the people who help our patients. That’s really the best part of the role I have here.”

In early civilizations, fire starters were individuals who had the important job of keeping the flame alive. With over 1,500 employees, Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers is the largest employer in Grundy County.


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