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Ankle and Foot Surgery Pre-Operative Class

Ankle and Foot Surgery Pre-Operative Class
August 13, 2024 Shannon O'Halloran

Date(s) - August 13, 2024
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


The Ankle and Foot Surgery Pre-Operative Class is for individuals who are scheduled for ankle or foot surgery. Family members and caregivers are also welcome and encouraged to attend. The purpose of the class is to ensure that patients having ankle or foot surgery have all the information they need to be safe and compliant with their post-operative recovery. The class is taught by a member of our physical therapy staff and covers mobility expectations and considerations following common foot and ankle surgeries, including weight bearing restrictions, equipment recommendations/fittings, and tips and tricks for improving safety and mobility at home. By attending the class prior to surgery, patients can make the appropriate modifications to their home environment, obtain necessary equipment, and practice post-operative restrictions before surgery. Please do not bring your equipment with you to the class; you will be instructed on how to properly fit your equipment at home.

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