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Morris Hospital Updates Visitor, Mask Guidelines

Morris Hospital Updates Visitor, Mask Guidelines
October 10, 2022 Janet Long

Morris Hospital Updates Visitor, Mask Guidelines

October 10, 2022 – Morris Hospital has made another step toward returning to pre-COVID visiting guidelines. Effective October 7, hospitalized patients may have up to 2 visitors at a time, age 12 or older, during 8 a.m.-7 p.m. visiting hours. Prior to this most recent update, visitors were restricted to age 18 or older.

Under the updated visiting guidelines, COVID-19 positive patients are now permitted to have one designated visitor for the duration of their stay.

Patients coming to the hospital for outpatient surgery, endoscopy, cath lab and other procedures are permitted up to two support persons.

In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) updated recommendations for healthcare providers, Morris Hospital has also updated its mask policy. At this time, universal masking will only be required inside Morris Hospital and all Morris Hospital patient care facilities, including physician offices, when the Grundy County “Community Transmission” level is high. When the Grundy County Community Transmission level is substantial, moderate, or low, masks will be optional.

As Community Transmission levels are updated weekly by the CDC, signs will be posted at the entrance to each Morris Hospital facility indicating whether masks are optional or required based on current community transmission levels.

Officials at Morris Hospital emphasize that the CDC’s Community “Transmission” level is not the same as Community “Risk Level” and that it is possible for a community to be at a low or moderate “risk” level but a high “transmission” level, in which case masks would be required. Morris Hospital’s masking requirement could change weekly depending on the current transmission level.

As has always been the hospital’s visiting policy, anyone currently showing signs of illness should not visit or accompany a patient.

Current visitor guidelines are posted at all times on the hospital website under With the approaching flu season, it is recommended to check the hospital website for current visiting guidelines before visiting a patient in the hospital.


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