Morris Hospital Issues Alert Regarding Potential Phone Scam

Morris Hospital Issues Alert Regarding Potential Phone Scam
January 4, 2022 Janet Long

January 4, 2022, Morris, IL – Morris Hospital & Healthcare Center is alerting the public of a potential phone scam that may appear as though the call is coming from the hospital or one of Morris Hospital’s Healthcare Centers.

Based on reports received from patients, the caller claims to be from Morris Hospital or a specific provider’s office associated with Morris Hospital and states that they are working with the patient’s provider, often correctly stating the provider’s name.

Most commonly, the caller states that the patient’s provider has asked the caller to make arrangements to send medications or medical supplies directly to the patient’s home. The caller may also state that they have been asked to order genetic testing for the patient.

According to Morris Hospital, these calls are not legitimate but instead are likely scams intended to obtain additional personal information from the patient, including home address and the patient’s Medicare number. Anyone who receives a suspicious call should not provide any information and hang up.

Patients who are concerned that their provider might have been trying to reach them can call their provider’s office using the phone number they normally call to set up appointments.