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Transition to One Patient Portal


On April 1, 2023, our hospital portal and physician office portal
were combined into one patient portal. While the Physician Office portal is still available for viewing, no new information has been added to the Physician Office portal since April 1. Please read the notice below for important details pertaining to the transition to 1 patient portal.


On April 1, 2023, our hospital portal and physician office portal were combined into one patient portal. Patients who previously used the physician office portal (Healow app) will now use the hospital portal My Health@Morris Hospital (MHealth app) to access all medical records associated with Morris Hospital and our Healthcare Centers. The key benefit for patients is having one patient portal for all medical records associated with Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers.


  • Beginning April 1, 2023, patients will use My Health@Morris Hospital to send and receive secure messages from their Morris Hospital Healthcare Center providers, request prescription refills, pay physician office and hospital bills, see upcoming appointments, and view visit summaries, lab and diagnostic imaging results.
  • Parents now have proxy access to their children’s medical records.
  • For a limited time, patients are able to continue to view the information that was in their Physician Office portal (Healow app) prior to the April 1 transition; however, NO new information has been added to the physician office portal starting April 1, 2023.
  • The information that was previously in the Physician Office portal (Healow app) did not roll over to My Health. Patients who would like to maintain a record of their previous office visits may consider printing the medical records from their Physician Office portal. Prior records will continue to be maintained in the physician office.
  • Payment for office visits and services received prior to April 1, 2023 are unable to be paid through either portal. Please refer to the Morris Hospital website for alternate payment options.

For patients
already enrolled in My Health@Morris Hospital (MHealth app)

  • No action is needed. Patients can continue to log in to My Health using their usual My Health username and password. Things may look slightly different, but the log in process remains the same.

For patients not enrolled in My Health@Morris Hospital
, there are 2 ways to enroll effective April 1, 2023:

  • After scheduling an appointment for a physician office visit or registering for a test or visit with Morris Hospital, patients will receive an email inviting them to enroll in the portal provided that we have the patient’s current email address on file.


Thank you for your patience as we make the transition to one patient portal.





Morris Hospital Patient PortalsMorris Hospital Patient PortalsYou can have your health in the palm of your hands! Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers offers access to its patient portals through two mobile apps, MHealth and Healow. (Note: No new information will be added to the Healow app beginning April 1, 2023 when the physician office and hospital portals are combined into 1.)

Both apps keep track of your appointments, test results, visit summaries and much more!

Please note: You must be signed up for the portals before you can begin using the mobile apps.