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A Special Connection

A Special Connection
July 10, 2018 Mark Malone

A Special Connection: Ramos feels ‘sense of home’ at Morris Hospital

When it comes to birth experiences, Nikki Ramos of Mazon has all kinds of stories to tell. Over the past 13 years, she has delivered children at three different hospitals. Her very favorite hospital for obstetrical services? Hands down, Morris Hospital.

“At Morris Hospital, you’re not a number,” says Nikki, who first experienced Morris Hospital in 2012 when she delivered her fifth baby. “The staff cares for you one-on-one, and the nurse who is assigned to you stays with you from the beginning of labor to the end, even if there’s a shift change. They’ll come in and sit with you and talk to you like you’ve been best friends forever. They don’t forget about you. It’s like you’re family.”

In fact, Nikki feels so connected to the staff that when her obstetrician transferred to another hospital when she was expecting baby number six, she decided at the last minute to deliver at Morris Hospital and was placed under the care of Dr. Erik Muraskas, who happened to be the on call obstetrician that day.

“I decided I didn’t want to drive farther to a hospital where I wouldn’t get that personal, small town care,” Nikki explains. “That was the first time I ever met Dr. Muraskas. He is amazing and has the best sense of humor. From then on, I said, ‘He’s my doctor.’”

Nikki also speaks highly of the pain control through anesthesia services and the special moment that’s created right after the baby’s birth.

“At some hospitals, the baby is whisked away, but at Morris Hospital, the baby is placed on the mother’s chest right after delivery, and that’s where all the vitals are done, which is very special.”

Nikki has also twice experienced the “nesting room” in Morris Hospital’s Family Birthing Suites, which allowed her to stay with her baby after she was discharged but baby was still under the hospital’s care for jaundice.

“They take care of the baby. They take care of me. They take care of my husband and my family. They’re so gracious to everyone who comes in to visit. They’re just awesome.”

With her ninth baby on the way, Nikki again had to contemplate going elsewhere for delivery because of a change in her husband’s insurance plan. Morris Hospital is no longer in the tier that gives the Ramos family the highest level of coverage. Early in the pregnancy, Nikki chose a new doctor in the insurance plan’s tier 1 network and went to her first pre-natal appointment.

“I kept thinking about Dr. Muraskas and how the staff at Morris Hospital treats us…even the Nutrition Services staff,” she says. “After one appointment, I couldn’t go back. I knew I had to deliver at Morris. That’s how much I love it.”

“You can’t compare cost to care. If we ever move, I’ll drive to Morris. I have a sense of home there.”