Physical Therapy Helps Combat Neck, Low Back Pain

Physical Therapy Helps Combat Neck, Low Back Pain
September 29, 2017 Morris Hospital

Physical Therapy Helps Combat Neck, Low Back Pain

Pain in the neck and lower back can occur for a variety of reasons, whether it’s a fall, repetitive twisting, bending, and lifting activities, degenerative changes, arthritis, motor vehicle accident or sports-related injury. Physical therapy may be a good option for individuals experiencing neck and/or lower back pain.

“We start by conducting an interview with the patient to discern what factors are contributing to their symptoms and what activities we need to get them performing again,” said Ryan Bechtel, Lead Physical Therapist at Morris Hospital.  “We get objective measurements on the patient, including range of motion of the spine, strength of core and extremity muscles, and flexibility of muscles that may contribute to symptoms of the spine.”

Physical therapists also analyze a patient’s limited functional movements, like squatting, reaching overhead, and getting out of a chair. After the exam, results are discussed with the patient.

If physical therapy is determined to be appropriate, the therapist will develop an individualized treatment plan to ease symptoms and improve overall function.

“Physical therapy treats muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia injuries,” added Bechtel. “Manual therapy techniques, including joint mobilizations and soft tissue techniques, may be used to alleviate symptoms, along with tape, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and hot and cold packs.”

Patients are taught exercises to perform in the clinic and at home to address their impairments.

“The therapist teaches the patient proper posture when performing various tasks, and how to perform certain functional movements the correct way, to reduce symptoms,” said Bechtel. “Whether their pain is caused by muscle weakness, deficits in range of motion of the spine, decreased muscular flexibility, or neural tension, we will customize a treatment plan for each patient.”

One-on-one physical therapy through Morris Hospital allows the Physical Therapist or PT Assistant to make sure the patient is exercising correctly, allowing for immediate adjustments if necessary. For more information, please contact:

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Morris Hospital Yorkville Campus
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