Immunizations are Necessary, Important for Children

Immunizations are Necessary, Important for Children
September 1, 2017 Morris Hospital

Immunizations are Necessary, Important for Children

Immunizing your child can cause feelings of confusion and fear, mainly due to a lack of information about why they’re so important.

While side effects may include a small fever, or a rash or minor pain, many continue to believe that a vaccination can cause the very disease it’s meant to protect against, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to Dr.Aamair “TJ” Tajuddin, pediatrician at the Coal City Healthcare Center of Morris Hospital in Coal City, Ill., there are various benefits to vaccinating your children.

“I’ve worked in an ICU setting, and I’ve seen young children hanging on to life from catching a bad strain of the flu,” said Dr. Tajuddin. “We recommend the flu vaccine for children every year.  Even if the strain doesn’t quite match what’s going around that year, it gets the immune system going and lessens the effect of the disease.”

Vaccines protect children from diseases like the measles, meningitis, pneumonia and HPV. Those who are affected by these types of disease face long-term consequences, with months of recovery.

Vaccines help children create antibodies against diseases so they don’t suffer from symptoms and repercussions.

If most of the people in a population receive a vaccine against a certain disease, the few who don’t or can’t receive vaccinations are still protected due to “herd immunity.” It helps everyone, even if some can’t receive an immunization. Children with cancer, organ transplants or immuno-suppression therapy can’t be vaccinated due to their fragile state, but they are protected if those who can be immunized get the vaccinations.

“Insurance covers immunizations, and for those without insurance, there’s a federal program called ‘Vaccines for Children,’ which provides immunizations free of charge to the uninsured,” said Dr. Tajuddin.

“It’s much more cost effective, and much better for patients, to prevent disease than to have to treat it later,” he said.

For more information about vaccination schedules  and the immunization program at Morris Hospital, please contact:

Dr. Aamair Tajuddin, Pediatrician

Coal City Healthcare Center of Morris Hospital
4 East North Street
Coal City, IL 60416
Phone: 815-518-5755

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