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Inside the Infusion Therapy Center

Inside the Infusion Therapy Center
December 3, 2020 Mark Malone

Inside the Infusion Therapy Center

Several years ago when Channahon resident Mark Malone started looking for a place to receive his infusions, he quickly felt his options were limited in finding a location close to home.

“I honestly didn’t know where to look,” he recalls. “I first started getting my infusions in Chicago, and then in Joliet, but I still didn’t feel I found a home until I learned about Morris Hospital’s infusion therapy services.”

Every two weeks for the past nine years, Mark has received an intravenous infusion of medicine at Morris Hospital to treat a genetic condition caused by an enzyme deficiency. The medicine he receives is essentially the enzyme itself and helps protect his body from the long-term effects of his condition.

Infusion therapy is the delivery of medication through a needle or catheter by way of IV pump or intramuscular injection for conditions that cannot be treated effectively through oral medications. Along with medication infusions, Morris Hospital also provides outpatient infusion treatments for blood transfusions, intravenous (IV) antibiotic therapy, hydration therapy, central line catheter care, and injections for a wide range of conditions.

Some treatments can be completed within minutes, while some require 8-10 hours at a time to deliver the treatment.

While infusion therapy may sound intimidating, it often proves to be an effective way to administer medication that helps keep people healthy.

“Not every medical condition has the luxury of a pill,” says Mark. “My treatment takes about 3 hours every two weeks, but I’m still grateful for having a medication that minimizes the toll my condition would otherwise have on me.”


In January 2020, Morris Hospital moved its Infusion Therapy Center from the west side of the hospital to a brighter, bigger location just down the hall from the hospital main entrance as part of a major modernization project that expanded space for patient services
at the hospital main campus.

The new Infusion Therapy Center features five private patient treatment rooms, each equipped with recliners, warm blankets, pillows, television, Wi-Fi, refreshments, oxygen and windows for natural light. A dedicated bathroom is also available within the unit.

Even since the start of the COVID pandemic, Mark has not once missed getting his bi-weekly treatments at Morris Hospital.

“I thought it was important for my long-term health to keep getting the medicine as consistently as possible,” Mark says. “Plus, every time I came to the hospital, I felt they did everything right to make me feel safe. I’ve felt like the hospital and Infusion Therapy Center have been far safer to visit than many other places in the community.”

“It really has been a blessing to be able to have my infusions at Morris
Hospital,” he adds.


While patients are loving Morris Hospital’s upgraded Infusion Therapy
Center, one of the most important features has remained exactly the same, and that’s the staff who delivers treatment.

“For patients to see our familiar faces is an asset,” says Diane Matteson,
Manager of Ambulatory Care Surgery/Infusion Therapy at Morris Hospital. “It’s the continuity of care that helps them feel more relaxed so they are not as anxious when they come in for treatment. Our nurses are very caring; they are very personal with the patients. They have excellent nursing skills. They have years of experience and knowledge. I just appreciate every one of them.”

Stacey White is one of the nurses who helps bring the new Infusion Therapy Center to life. She has worked in the department since 2007 and believes that while the surroundings may be much different in the
new Infusion Therapy Center, the compassionate care is very much the

“I love patient care,” says White. “Over the years, I’ve gotten to know a lot of the patients. I care about them. I’ve laughed with them. I’ve cried with them if something happens. I love taking care of them. I like to see them heal. That’s what it’s all about.”

Even with some of the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Matteson praises the staff for “stepping up to the plate” and never hesitating to make sure patients receive excellent treatment.

“I can’t say enough about my staff. They have been excellent and willing to provide the care needed for our patients,” she adds.

All infusion therapy services at Morris Hospital require a physician’s order and must be scheduled in advance. Orders are accepted from any physician, regardless of whether the physician is on the Morris Hospital
Medical Staff.

For questions or to contact the Infusion Therapy Center, please call 815-705-7246 and ask to speak to the charge nurse.

For more information, visit