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Morris Hospital Nurse is an Inspiration to Others

Morris Hospital Nurse is an Inspiration to Others
May 23, 2019 Janet Long

Morris Hospital Nurse is an Inspiration to Others

May 23, 2019 – Tonya Daugherty, of Ottawa, was honored as Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers Fire Starter of the Month for April. She is a Registered Nurse in the Imaging Services department and was selected for her great empathy and compassion, positive energy, and huge heart.

Daugherty joined Morris Hospital in 2004 and worked on 2 East/Pediatrics and the Emergency Department before transferring to Imaging Services seven years. For someone who likes variety, her day is filled with plenty as she is involved in biopsies, conscious sedation, dialysis catheters, pic line insertions, pain management injections, difficult IV starts and much more.

“I’ve been a nurse for 20 years, and I still love my job,” says Daugherty. “I still love what I do. I love helping people.”

Daugherty’s love for her job is apparent to those around her. Co-worker Amanda Hasty says Daugherty treats patients, physicians and employees with equal respect.

“You can actually see patients relax and trust Tonya,” wrote Hasty in nominating Daugherty as Fire Starter of the Month. “She is a breath of fresh air and is very personable. Her co-workers adore her and turn to her for her opinions and help. She inspires everyone in our department to work a little harder with a positive energy.”

Morris Hospital Imaging Services Manager Michele Residori says it’s good to have someone like Daugherty caring for patients.

“Tonya focuses on the patient and provides just the right amount of compassion and encouragement,” says Residori. “She is reliable, trustworthy, skilled and caring — a phenomenal nurse and true inspiration to others.”

Daugherty says the most rewarding part of her job is making patients feel better than they did when they arrived.

“We do a lot of biopsies in Imaging, and patients come in scared because of the unknown,” says Daugherty. “I like to take the time to sit down and talk with them, answer their questions, and assure them that we’re going to take the time to do what needs to be done and get answers for them. They’re thankful, more relaxed, and have a better feeling than they did when they came in, and that’s very rewarding.”

In early civilizations, fire starters were individuals who had the important job of keeping the flame alive. With over 1,300 employees, Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers is the largest employer in Grundy County.

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