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Morris Hospital ICU Nurse Recognized for Commitment to Patients

Morris Hospital ICU Nurse Recognized for Commitment to Patients
December 10, 2020 Janet Long

Morris Hospital ICU Nurse Recognized for Commitment to Patients

December 10, 2020 – Life-long Coal City resident Allison Giordano has made an extraordinary impact in the Intensive Care Unit at Morris Hospital over the past four years, first as a certified nursing assistant and now as RN. Those who work with her know that even the most critical patients will be in great hands when Giordano is on duty. She picks up extra shifts any time she can, works hard to build relationships with patients’ families to keep them at ease, and voluntarily participates in committees as a way to give back to the hospital. Recognized as a great asset to the ICU and to Morris Hospital, Giordano was honored as the hospital’s Fire Starter of the Month for November.

Giordano says she feels fortunate to have been hired as a CNA in the Morris Hospital ICU in 2016 and believes the hospital gave her a great opportunity when she stayed in the ICU after receiving her RN degree from Rasmussen College in July 2019.

“I had always been interested in health care and thought working as a CNA was a good step toward becoming an RN,” said Giordano. “I like the long term aspect of the ICU setting. Each patient is so different, and the needs of each patient is constantly changing. I like the challenge.”

Morris Hospital ICU Manager Dawn Clayburn said from the time Giordano started on the unit as a CNA, Clayburn could sense she is the type of person who always wants to learn more.

“Allison has such a great work ethic and always goes above and beyond,” said Clayburn. “Out of concern for the patients, she willingly picks up extra hours and even extra roles if there’s a need on the unit. She is concerned about others, always wants to be sure we have enough nurses to take care of our patients, and is willing to learn new roles so she can help out wherever she can.”

Morris Hospital ICU Charge RN Stephanie Kelly nominated Giordano as Fire Starter of the Month and couldn’t give her higher praises.

“As a charge RN, I know that when Allison is working, I have someone behind me wanting and willing to help out in any way she can, even if it means assisting with a code on another unit,” said Kelly. “She is a pleasure to work with due to her skill and personality and inspires others to take the extra step.”

In early civilizations, fire starters were individuals who had the important job of keeping the flame alive. With over 1,400 employees, Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers is the largest employer in Grundy County.

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