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A Message from Morris Hospital CEO Mark Steadham

A Message from Morris Hospital CEO Mark Steadham
March 27, 2020 Janet Long

A Message from Morris Hospital CEO Mark Steadham

March 27, 2020, Morris, IL –   We continue to thank our community for the outpouring of support over the past several days. We have received donations of supplies, food deliveries left at our doorstep, and notes and homemade cards for our staff. One employee told me that while she was on a grocery store run in her uniform and badge, a woman at the checkout handed her tulips and said, “These are for you, and they are paid for.” Your support and encouragement mean so much to our staff. I can’t thank you enough for your genuine display of kindness.

I’d also like to say a word about our team at Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers. Prior to the COVID crisis, they were extraordinary individuals who gave of themselves so unselfishly. Somehow, they’ve managed to take their compassion, commitment, and strength to a whole new level. Many of them are serving directly on the front line. Others have taken on new assignments outside of their normal roles. They are filling in for family members who aren’t permitted to visit their loved ones during hospitalization. They are encouraging, supporting, and helping one another. They are truly an extraordinary group. Each and every one has my deepest admiration and respect for filling a vitally critical role during this crisis. The same is true of all first responders in our community – Emergency Medical Services, Police, Sheriff, Fire, Emergency Management. Our gratitude goes out to all of them as well.

As we head into the weekend, I want to reiterate the Grundy County Joint Public Safety Announcement that was issued earlier today: the Stay at Home Order is not an optional choice. This is a mandatory order and a necessary action in order to flatten the curve and stop the spread of this pandemic. Staying at home is how you can protect your friends, neighbors, and the vulnerable operations in your community, including your hospital. It is imperative that all of us do our part.

Our community continues to do a great job following the advice regarding “what to do if you’re sick,” and we are so appreciative. As you have heard the CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health say over and over, it’s very important that anyone with minor illness stay home instead of coming to a medical facility, physician office, or hospital emergency room. Hospital emergency rooms are reserved for medical emergencies. IDPH continues to approve COVID-19 testing for limited patients who meet very specific criteria.

Please continue to follow the stay at home order and be sure you are taking care of yourselves.


Mark Steadham, President & CEO
Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers